Discover Costa Brava Coasteering Girona Catalonia with the help of Adventure Girona

Coasteering Girona Catalonia

Aventura Girona is a pioneer in Coasteering activities in Costa Brava since 2016

Coasteering Girona Catalonia

The coasteering activity was born in the 80s in Great Britain. It seems that surfers in the area, looking for the best waves, began to walk and climb the rocks and in this way they managed to reach more interesting areas to surf. As it often happens in other sports, they have unknowingly giving rise to a new experience called Coasteering.

In Girona or Catalonia, this activity called coasteering was also carried out many years ago. All those who were lucky and have spent their childhood or vacations on the Costa Brava know about the existence of different jumps into the sea and many summer afternoons were spent jumping into the sea.

Many times clients ask us what coasteering is, and we tell them that it is the search for the meaning of the Costa Brava. That coast that makes us enjoy every corner, keeping us on the alert about what will surprise us next, its waterfalls, its stories, its coves, its fauna and of course, that turquoise, transparent water that keeps inviting in for a bath.

The activities we offer at Adventure Girona have the following characteristics:

Coasteering offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to explore the Costa Brava region in depth, in a different way and respecting the environment.

With the sea with a few waves as well as water temperatures that ranges from 17º in April to 25º in August; these factors allows us to enjoy a refreshing activity that is very welcomed in the summer months, when the environment temperature can be around 35-40 degrees Celsius.

Every time people look for outdoor activities, the chosen destinations are not only of sun and beach, but also those that offer exciting experiences that allow them to leave their comfort circle comfort and enjoy life. And of course sharing this interesting and beautiful experience, as a family with children or as a group of friends makes it even more memorable.

One of the most important aspects that makes coasteering so challenging and interesting is that it can be practiced by people of different ages. This activity is one of the most versatile and recommended, since, depending on the ages, physical condition and the number of people who make up the group who want to practice coasteering can be adapted and adapted.

The equipment that we will carry in the coasteering activity will be a helmet and 2-piece neoprene or shorty depending on the temperature of the water.

The user undertaking the experience must wear a swimsuit and closed shoes.

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
Complete information on the coverage and conditions of the insurance is available to clients at our offices.
Customers can request, if required, complaint forms from the company.

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