Hiking Girona Catalonia To Help You Bond with Nature!!

Hiking Girona Catalonia

Cala s'Alguer is a small paradise in Costa Brava 15 minutes walking from Cala Fosca (Palamos).
Ancient fishermen village, declared by the Generalitat in 1972 as a cultural interest hotspot.
If you like walking, you must get here

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Hiking Sant Miquel

Hiking Sant Miquel

Hiking Girona Catalonia

Adventure Girona seeks through hiking to bring people closer to the natural environment and to knowledge of the area through heritage and traditional ethnographic and cultural elements. Hiking constitutes a symbiosis between sport, culture and the environment.

The activities that Adventure Girona offers for hiking are adjusted to the needs of the clients in terms of length, hours and unevenness of the route. It will allow us to discover the beautiful province of Girona / Catalonia without any haste and taking our time to get to know everything that a place like this can offer.

When we walk, we are promoting sustainable tourism.

The activities we offer at Adventure Girona have the following characteristics:

  • Are suitable for the vast majority of the population

  • Happen throughout the year (except for the months of July and August that have very hot temperatures)

  • The use and recovery of old communication paths

  • Have a scenic, historical, ethnographic or environmental interest

  • Encourage hiking activity in an area

  • Do not have large slopes along the chosen path

  • Do not travel through sections with car traffic or areas that under normal conditions present some risk

  • Don't need special knowledge, techniques or materials for your journey

Keep in mind the amazing benefits of Hiking Girona Catalonia

The simple pleasure of walking and spending a day in nature, breathing fresh air, sightseeing and seeing new places is a sufficient enough benefit to encourage you to go hiking, but the activity has many more advantages for those who practice it.

- Improves physical condition: Walking is the physical activity of less impact and more benefit for our body, through frequent hiking we improve physical resistance, tone muscles and burn calories and fat.

- It improves our mental state: this occurs mainly because walking through nature frees us from stress, fills us with energy, encourages our creativity, helps us fight depression and negativism.

- Social relationships: When you go hiking with others, walking and discovering places together encourages emotional ties and teamwork, so take your friends, partner or children to enjoy it together.

Necessary equipment*

A very important aspect is the weight of the equipment. You should always try to optimize by carrying the least weight and volume possible. But at the same time without leaving out something that is necessary.

Backpack > First of all, a backpack has to be comfortable and have a size according to the duration of the trip and the equipment that will be carried in it. It is ideal that its waist and chest are adjustable to fully accommodate the body shape.

We will bring drinks to hydrate ourselves and food such as nuts, chocolate, energy bar, fruit or sandwich since they provide a lot of energy while occupying very little space and weight.

Footwear > has to be comfortable and resistant, one that can withstand the road and protects you from the weather and the terrain. Ideal to be lightweight and suited with a high top to protect the ankles.

The clothes have to be according to the climate and the time of year that we carry out the activity. Long pants and long-sleeved garments are always better to protect ourselves from the sun's rays, plants and minor bites. And depending on the venue of the activity, a jacket that cuts down wind power and is waterproof to protect us from the occasional inclement weather.

Hat, glasses and sunscreen > To protect us from the sun.

* The equipment may vary depending on the time of year

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
Complete information on the coverage and conditions of the insurance is available to clients at our offices.
Customers can request, if required, complaint forms from the company.

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