We could only tell you that perhaps this is the best and most beautiful section of the coastal path. Let yourself fall in love with this Hiking Girona Catalonia Cala Fosca Estreta adventure, observing, feeling in your heart, the peace that this part of the Costa Brava that we have chosen for you to see!

Hiking Girona Catalonia Cala Fosca Estreta

Cala Estreta, considered one of the most beautiful on the Costa Brava


All Year Long (except Summer Months)


40 minutes Girona / 80 minutes Barcelona


Beginner – 250 meters long slope


Starting from 25 euros


Over 10 years of age


Half Day

Hiking Girona Catalonia Cala Fosca Estreta

Come and join Adventure Girona to explore the most spectacular and entertaining round of our coastline.

The walkway was formerly used by the civil guard to make the “round” hence the name of the walkway, to control smugglers who carried out illegal activities, thanks to the orography of the area.

During and after the civil war there were many rationed or prohibited products that gave rise to this illegal market.

Linear route to know this magnificent environment full of culture and history of little difficulty with a route of about 10 km.

As soon as we leave the Cala de la Fosca in Sant Joan de Palamós we will find the castle of Sant Esteve 11th century. Then with Cala S'Alguer, old fishermen's huts. An example of traditional architecture with stone walls and the famous Catalan laps, totally blending in with the landscape.

Today used as second homes to spend the day and eat rice with family or friends by the sea.

Then we will find the Cala de Castell of more than 300 meters in length with a crescent shape and fine golden sand. In the 90s, the residents of Palamos agreed to a referendum so that it could not be built in this virgin area.

In the upper part of the beach we will find the restored structures of an old Iberian Village from the 6th century BC.

Before reaching Cala Estreta, we will walk along high cliffs passing through the coves of Senià, dels Canyers and the photogenic Punta de Canyers, a must stop to immortalize the moment with a photo.

Cala Estreta, as its name suggests, is a narrow cove (“estreta” in Catalan means narrow) that will surprise us with its natural environment, where nudism is allowed. In front we can see the Formigues Islands where in 1285 and in the so-called Battle of the Formigues Islands, the Aragonese squad sank the French fleet. Returning by the same path, before reaching Cala Castell we will pass through Barraca d'en Dalí, famous for having a sloping door.

The return will be done by the same starting path, passing through Cala Castell, Cala S’Alguer to Cala Fosca.

SEASON: This activity takes place throughout the year with exception the summer months, because of the excessive heat.

DIFFICULTY: Beginner – Contains a 250 meters slope. 10 km walking distance.

ADVENTURERS: From 10 years of age up.

MEETING POINT: Platja De Sant Esteve (Palamós) - View Map


DURATION: 4 hours from when we meet until we say goodbye.

EQUIPMENT: Comfortable warm clothes (depending on the time of year), sneakers, backpack (to carry water or the clothes we take off due to heat), water (ideal 1 liter per person), energy bars, fruit, nuts or what you want to eat and regain strength.

Hiking Girona Catalonia Cala Fosca Estreta Prices

1 person: 120 euros

Group of 2-3 people: 60 euros per person

Group of 4-10 people: 30 euros per person

Groups superior of 10 people: 25 euros per person

What is included in the price: a qualified guide to help you, photographic report as well as civil liability and accident insurance.

And, as an extra service for your time spent with us, at the end of the activity, Adventure Girona invites all adventures to a FREE refreshments event.

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
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