In the route of the caves we propose you try the Alta Garrotxa as you will be teleported to other times where Garrotxa was a land of bandits and maquis. The word Garrotxa means land of bad tread, with our Hiking Girona Catalonia Garrotxa challenge you will know its meaning!

Hiking Girona Catalonia Garrotxa

Photo taken in the cave of the monks. The dimensions of the cave are spectacular. Today wild goats take refuge here.


All Year Long (except Summer Months)


45 minutes Girona / 90 minutes Barcelona


Beginner / Advanced – 600 meters long slope


Starting from 25 euros


Over 10 years of age


Half Day

Hiking Girona Catalonia Garrotxa

Allow Adventure Girona help you explore a half-day route through Alta Garrotxa: a land of enormous beauty and discover marvelous landscapes, which were previously a space for bandits and smugglers who took refuge in its caves.

We will see different caves of great beauty such as the Bisbe cave, which is the most spectacular in Alta Garrotxa.

It is a circular route where we will see different caves. We will walk on rocks through uneven terrain and we will delve into the history of this territory.

We will visit different caves:

1) La Cova del Bisbe is the most spectacular in Alta Garrotxa. Its location on the cliff and the large dimensions of its opening make it especially attractive. It is sixty-eight meters long. The legend places the stay of a fugitive bishop from the Muslims ...

2) La Cova dels Ermitons has an opening of more than two meters high, but it is perfectly hidden by the surrounding holm oak woods. Their occupation ranges from the Middle Paleolithic to the last Neanderthals, now 34,000 years ago.

3) The Cova de les Monges (Monks Cave) is a monumental cavity measuring 27 meters deep by 10 meters wide and 14 meters high. Despite its spectacular proportions it is very well concealed. Here a Neolithic community settled on the calcareous site, and interesting remains from the Bronze Age were found ...

4) The Cova del Coll Roig today is a space totally inhabited by goats.

SEASON: This activity takes place throughout the year with exception the summer months, because of the excessive heat.

DIFFICULTY: Beginner / Advanced – Contains a 600 meters slope.

ADVENTURERS: From 10 years of age up.

MEETING POINT: Gas station Montagut A26 exit 75 - View Map


PARKING: 15 minutes from the meeting point. Participants will follow the guide's car in theirs.

DURATION: 4 hours from when we meet until we say goodbye.

EQUIPMENT: Comfortable warm clothes (depending on the time of year), sneakers, backpack (to carry water or the clothes we take off due to heat), water (ideal 1 liter per person), energy bars, fruit, nuts or what you want to eat and regain strength.

Hiking Girona Catalonia Garrotxa Prices

1 person: 120 euros

Group of 2-3 people: 60 euros per person

Group of 4-10 people: 30 euros per person

Groups superior of 10 people: 25 euros per person

What is included in the price: Assistance from our qualified guides, photographic report as well as civil liability and accident insurance.

And, as an extra service for your time spent with us, at the end of the activity, Adventure Girona invites all adventures to a FREE refreshments event.

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
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