Schools Girona Catalonia Activities orientated to students!

Schools Girona Catalonia

Adventure Girona offers workshops with educational activities for schools, both primary (upper cycle) and secondary (ESO and Baccalaureate).

Schools Girona Catalonia

Adventure Girona offers workshops with educational activities for schools, both primary (upper cycle) and secondary (ESO and Baccalaureate).

Our main goal is to help the participants live an unforgettable experience, discovering and knowing more about the environment in an active way in which they act casual and relaxed at all times, playing, building, practicing, and interacting with nature. They will learn and apply orientation techniques in nature, know how to use a compass, etc.

This knowledge will make them more autonomous and will allow them to learn to respect nature and take advantage of it. They will learn that they can find the necessary resources to overcome complex situations in which, perhaps, one day, may be useful for them and help them deal with difficult situations.

They will also learn to:

  • Know how to react calmly to challenging situations

  • Be confident

  • Recognize and react to unknown situations and get out safe

  • Work in a group

The activities can be carried out inside the school or in nearby outdoor spaces (saving transport costs). An outdoor space near Girona where we usually work is the Sant Gregori pine forest, but it is possible to carry out the activities in a geographical environment closer to the school / institute.

We recommend that these activities consists of conducting orientation circuits, including/not including tests, which are detailed below:

We have designed various circuits, both dynamic and rotating depending on the number of participating students, with a variable number of beacons / compulsory crossing controls with the help of a map. They can be done with or without tests (gymkhana type), according to the criteria of the educational center. The order in which the beacons are travelled to is free, so that each participating group designs its own route.

The average duration of the activity is three hours.

The price per student is 10 euros (if the circuits are carried out in Sant Gregori) and 15 euros (if they are carried out in another space that the school has chosen). The price includes: the necessary material to carry out the activity, a qualified guide (ratio 1 guide / 20-25 students), photographic report as well as civil liability and accident insurance.

We will practice an orientation circuit with a custom designed map in a geographical environment close to the school / institute. We help them apply the knowledge learned about maps and compasses.

We also offer activities such as coasteering, water trekking, canyoning, via ferratas or hiking, depending on the time of year, for those groups of students who want to learn about new activities and be able to enjoy them with their classmates. Or if they are staying in a neighbourhood house, hotels / campsites, to expand the range of activities they can do. (For school groups check prices and conditions)!

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
Complete information on the coverage and conditions of the insurance is available to clients at our offices.
Customers can request, if required, complaint forms from the company.

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