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Orientation Girona Catalonia

Fantastic activity to enjoy with your family or your group of friends, just 10 minutes drive away from Girona.
If you like walking and the adventure of being able to point where you are in that moment, we dare you to try an Orientation Circuit

Orientation Girona Catalonia

Orientation is a sport originating in Scandinavia, in which each participant makes an individual or collective route, with the help of a map and a compass. The routes are made up of a start point, an end and several checkpoints. These three elements of the route are visible on the ground.

The check points are each of the mandatory crossing points through which the participants must pass, and which are indicated on the map, as well as the departure and arrival.

The locations of the checkpoints are unknown to the participant at the start of the race.

In addition to this, each participant can make their own route to go between the check points in the shortest possible time. Participants need to have a map to start their journey, and they usually use a compass to facilitate navigation through the different terrains.

Orientation Girona Catalonia Circuits Tools:

Map > The maps in orientation circuits are very precise as we pay attention that all the particularities of the environment are represented in detail on the map. The most common scales for walking tests in the field range from 1: 5000 to 1: 15000. The most important elements of the orientation sport maps are the contour lines, the paths, the forest and clearing areas, the different densities of vegetation, the rocks, objects created by the human being, etc., and of course the correct one interpretation of the map scale.

Compass > The compass helps in this sport since it facilitates the orientation of the user on the map. The type of compasses that we normally use are those that use a needle inside a capsule filled with some liquid that causes the needle to stop quickly instead of repeatedly oscillating around magnetic north.

Check points > Check points are those points represented on the map with a red circle through which the participants must pass. On the ground it is represented by a triangular prism in orange and white colors. In each check point there is usually a method to verify that the participant has really passed through that point. The most used method is that of markers or "tweezers". This element leaves a specific form of points on the paper, thus letting the organization know that the participant has passed through that checkpoint. There is also the possibility that the participant is required to provide photo or video evidence to validate passing through the point.

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