Imagine flying from a 69 meter long bridge. The Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades Centelles Barcelona with its 3 sections is demanding, filled with vertical sections, flanks and collapses. It will leave you with a good taste in your mouth. If you like the vias ferratas you must do it. Now!

Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades Centelles Barcelona

Ignaci before tackling the 69-meter Nepalese bridge.
Just as you have done it many times, the first few meters are always the same, shortness of breath and heart pounding, at which point the body begins to secrete adrenaline.
When you reach the end you have a personal satisfaction that cannot be explained in words.
Have you experienced it yet?


All Year Long, Avoiding Summer Months


60 minutes Girona / 45 minutes Barcelona


Medium/High K3-K4


Starting from 50 euros


Minimum 14 years of age


Half Day

Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades Centelles Barcelona

The Baumes Corcades is a via ferrata located in Centelles, a town in the region of Barcelona (45 minutes from Barcelona and 1 hour from Girona). We will finish the via ferrata at the top of Turó de Puigsagordi (972 meters), the highest point of the mountain that offers magnificent views of the entire Osona region, the Pyrenees and the Montseny.

The via ferrata has four well differentiated sections, very vertical parts and a 69 meter long Nepalese bridge.

The first section is vertical which will allow us to experience the verticality of the via ferrata. Then we will walk to reach the second section where the 69-meter-long Nepalese bridge is located and will make us put all 5 senses on alert. After the bridge we will continue with the third section, a simple but long flanking that will not involve any kind of difficulty.

After this section we will have to walk to reach the 4th section, popularly called the flag section, because there is a metallic structure that facilitates our progression. This section has two not very difficult crashes, but being in the last section of the via ferrata, if we do not have a good physical preparation it will cost us a little effort, but do not worry the guide will be there to help you.

If some person wants to skip or not do a section there would be no problem, it is possible.

In general, the via ferrata leaves a good taste in the mouth. The ideal would be to have done a via ferrata before, because it is very demanding. But if you are strong and daring, there is no problem.

It is a very popular via ferrata in Catalonia. Due to this very busy on weekends and holidays.

We carry out the activity with small groups.

SEASON: This activity takes place all year long.

DIFFICULTY: Advanced/High – K3-K4 (we use the Husler scale to measure difficulty, where K1 is the easiest and K6 the hardest)

ADVENTURERS: From 14 years of age up. Minors have to be under the supervision of an adult.

REDUCED GROUPS: The ratio will be, 1 titled guide will carry 6, maximum 8 clients.

MEETING POINT: 9:00 Puigsgordi camping entrance - View Map

PARKING: 5 minutes away from the activity. Participants have to follow the guide car.

DURATION: 4-6 hours from when we meet until we say goodbye (presentation of the activity and delivery of material 30 minutes, access 15 minutes, activity 2,5-4,5 hours (depending on the number of other participants on the activity), return 30 minutes).

EQUIPMENT: Backpack, water and something to eat to regain strength. Comfortable, resistant footwear with a hard sole, ideal low-cut mountain boot. Comfortable clothes according to the time of year. Cycling gloves (not necessary, but advisable).

Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades Centelles Barcelona Prices

Group of 2-3 people: 75 euros per person

Group of 4-10 people: 50 euros per person

The price of the activity will depend on the number of people who finally carry out the activity. Failure to carry out the activity by the client at the time of its initiation does not exempt him from paying the full amount.

You can join existing groups created by Aventura Girona to make the activity more economical.

What is included in the price: All the necessary material to carry out the activity (helmet, harness, set via ferrata, safety group material with two different measures depending on our needs. This safety group material is attached to the harness with a jersey and has two carabiners to anchor / rest when we deem appropriate.), titled guide, photographic report and civil liability and accident insurance.

And, as an extra service for your time spent with us, at the end of the activity, Adventure Girona invites all adventures to a FREE refreshments event.

Once the availability has been confirmed by Aventura Girona, an upfront payment will be made at the time of contracting the activity through PayPal or bank account number that we will provide you by email. The rest of the amount will be paid on the day of the activity.

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
Complete information on the coverage and conditions of the insurance is available to clients at our offices.
Customers can request, if required, complaint forms from the company.

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